Most treatment options involve taking drugs that will stimulate blood flow to the penis. While these drugs can be effective at treating the symptoms of impotence they can also have side effects. Some of the most common ones include blurred vision, headache, and upset stomach. At Tulsa Medical Group, we attack the root of the problem, not the symptom. That problem is blood flow. Using low level shock wave therapy, our trained medical staff can help reverse your ED in as little as six short treatments. These procedures do not rely on drugs and are non invasive. We treat erectile dysfunction in a completely comfortable and effective way that does not interrupt your daily life.

  • Medical Times Today I Tulsa Medical Group I Erectile Dysfunction I ED Treatment I SwissWave

    “Sound waves may change the future of ED therapy”

    - Urology Times

    Tulsa Medical Group I Erectile Dysfunction I ED Treatment I SwissWave


    Acoustical wave therapy for erectile dysfunction featured in Men’s Health

    Tulsa Medical Group I Erectile Dysfunction I ED Treatment I SwissWave

    “I knew Tulsa Medical Group was a good choice when I showed up for my consultation. The Doctor is thorough and the staff is very knowledgeable and professional. I've had bad experiences with injections so Shock Wave Therapy was truly life changing. The only person more excited than me is my girlfriend.” 

    Jeff D.

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    Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction in Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Acoustical Wave Therapy (AWT) treatment, or shock wave therapy, has proven to be a more effective non-surgical way to treat men with erectile dysfunction, rather than using traditional methods. It uses Swiss Wave Protocol, a new cutting-edge technology that treats men whose erectile dysfunction...
    Better Erections with the SwissWave Protocol Erectile dysfunction is a problem for men everywhere. It causes them to be unable to have sex in a fashion pleasing to the people involved, and it can cause low self-esteem and other mental problems. As such, a way to remedy erectile dysfunction is...
    May 14, 2018 · Peyronie's Disease
    Peyronie's disease occurs when fibrous scar tissue develops inside the penis. The condition causes curved and painful erections, which can result in erectile dysfunction. It's important to realize that penises come in different sizes and shapes, and having a curved penis may not be a cause for...
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